Caring For Your Silver

Your precious new piece of Silver Jewelry are now home, safe and sound with you.


But how do you care for them to maintain their exquisite luster and quality?

It is natural for sterling silver jewelry to tarnish, blacken or discolor over time, particularly if the piece is worn regularly.

When wearing, simply follow the golden rule “Last On / First Off’. Put jewelry on last so that it is not sprayed with perfumes and hairspray. Take it off first, before your clothing and before going to bed to avoid it being snagged or crushed.

Tarnish is caused by several factors which include:

  • Exposure to moisture, humidity, sunlight and oxygen.
  • Acidity (pH balance) of a person’s skin, which in turn is affected, for example, by diet, medication and stress.
  • Exposure to perfume, soap, moisturizer, shampoo etc. and cleaning products such as dish washing liquid and bleach.
  • Exposure to chlorine.

SAY Elegant advises against:

  • Swimming, showering or undertaking vigorous exercise while wearing jewelry.
  • Exposing jewelry to cleaning agents or cosmetics such as foundations, perfumes, hairsprays.
  • Exposing jewelry to excessive heat or prolonged periods of direct sunlight.

Our Silver cleaning cloth is available in your package and use the same to clean your jewelry.

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